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Little friends™ food is produced by a technique called "Extrusion". With this method, the ingredients are cooked, expanded and formed under high temperature and pressure. Extruded food has an advantage over pelleted food because it creates more durable pellets.

In addition, extrusion makes more of the starches digestible so less starch gets into the large intestine to be fermented by the bacteria. Together, this means there is less chance of your animal getting diarrhea when eating "Extruded" foods.


In 1837 a small trading company was founded in the idyllic village of Heiligenrode, near Bremen, Germany. Stemming from a familial love of and interest in nature and animals, this company grew from generation to generation to become one of the first major pet food manufacturers in Germany…the company we now call Vitakraft.

High quality coupled with an innovative and wide range of products adapted to the specific dietary needs of household pets quickly opened the market in Germany, throughout Europe, and overseas. Today, 175 years later, Vitakraft is a dynamic group of companies, operating successfully in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Skilled and committed staff from more than 20 countries work for the well-being of pets, and thus help to develop the trust that the Vitakraft brand inspires in millions of pet owners worldwide.

It is this enduring passion for animals and commitment to their well being that continues to shape our company style and objectives.

Living World

Since 1972, Living World has been committed to making the lives of pet birds and small pets more comfortable by developing products that care for their well-being.

Living World’s extensive line of food, hays, treats, supplements, bedding, litter products, cages, toys and accessories are designed to appeal to the natural instincts of pet birds and small pets.

Our goal is to develop naturally-made and naturally-looking products that encourage natural behaviour and make pets feel instinctively comfortable.

Our devotion to improving the lives of pets is also reflected in our outstanding line of small animal food, including Living World Extrusion, Classic, and Timothy Hay.


The story of Oxbow Animal Health has its humble beginnings over five generations ago on the Miller family farm. During this time, hay was the lifeblood from which they grew and nurtured their animals. It was important that every harvest meet the absolute highest standards.

Thus began the Oxbow commitment to developing the very best in animal care products, a tradition that carried on five generations later when John Miller founded Oxbow Animal Health. By making sure this belief formed the foundation of Oxbow, Miller has created an internationally-recognized brand that has become the most trusted name in small animal nutrition, from loyal customers to top veterinarians.

It wasn't easy, and it isn't still. Meeting our Oxbow standard of product is no easy task. Materials that make up our products are hand-selected, personally inspected, routinely analyzed for nutritional value, tested, and retested again. Every day, we strive to combine our love of animals with the solid science and knowledge necessary to provide your animal with the highest level of quality care.

Knowing how we get to the end product, it’s easy to see why our timothy hay-based formulas have pioneered a worldwide revolution in small animal nutrition, or why our veterinarian-referred Professional Line has set the industry standard for care of small pets recovering from illness or injury.

So thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope you have the chance to experience our product firsthand and truly discover the Oxbow Difference.

Royal Cuisine

Armstrong Milling has the ability to blend top quality small animal products. These products are made from the highest quality ingredients, and with the introduction of carbon dioxide (C02), Armstrong Milling can provide products that withstand potential infestation problems over long periods of time.