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Northern Biscuits

It all started in 1992 with a bag of Canadian flour, fresh beef liver, and a very picky dog named Tasha. It didn't take long for two Toronto "foodies" to realize that the healthiest, tastiest treats start with fresh foods and simple, honest recipes. No dough risers, no artificial anything.

From one flavour sold at a local farmers' market to the more than a dozen varieties now available throughout North America, one thing remains unchanged: our fanatical obsession in sourcing Fresh, Local ingredients from Canadian food growers.

We love what we do. So will your dog.

Benny Bully's Liver Chops

Cat and Dog owners have discovered Benny Bullys® as a nutritious pure and natural alternative to traditional cat treats. We developed an innovative cutting and drying process, as an alternative to conventional food preservatives, making Benny Bullys one of the few "no chemicals added" treats on the market today. Made from pure beef livers, we specially sized each piece small enough to provide easy feeding and maximum palatability to the most hard to please cats. Benny Bullys is hand selected from government inspected meat sections for the health conscious cat owner.


Zinpro Original Dog Biscuit Zinc Supplement -   “Zinpro” , a Natural Alternative

If your dog is having scratching, irritated skin problems due to known or unknown causes your dog may not be absorbing enough zinc.

Dogs need zinc for healthy coats and for normal pigmentation of the coat hair. Zinpro is a patented organic source of zinc for animals. Zinpro is made by linking the amino acid methionine with zinc to form a structure that can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Zinc serves two broad functions; Enzyme function and protein synthesis. This enables proper cell reproduction in skin, coat, footpads and nails which consist of mostly protein.

Even if a dog is fed a premium pet food or a special diet, and is still having skin & coat problems they may be Zinc deficient.

Here are some syyptoms of zinc deficent dogs:
  • Chronic hair loss, excessive Shedding (not associated with seasonal shedding)
  • Dull coats with Slow & Sparse hair growth
  • Dry Flaky Skin, & Itchy Conditions
  • Poor quality Footpads & Nails
  • Hot Spots, Rashes
  • Dogs that have been diagnosed as having Allergy conditions
  • Skin Scabs on the abdomen & thighs
  • Dogs with excessive skin wrinkles, that tend to develop a Wet Skin condition
Zinpro is not harmful. It is not a drug. It causes no side effects and is not toxic.

Oven-Baked TraditionTM has prepared some delicious treats. They are oven baked and contain premium ingredients.

Your dog will enjoy the great taste with unique features for each one of them. A perfect complement to its diet because they have few calories and are a good source of protein.

But beware, they may contain lots of love!

Because we care about your dog’s health, we have chosen functional ingredients and depending on what you will choose, you will find pumpkin ( a natural source of antioxydants, beta-carotene and important vitamins); inulin ( an effective prebiotic to insure optimal intestinal function)and glucosamine and chondroitin to protect the joints.

Wellness Wellbites

  • Tasty, healthy soft treats
  • Delicious, natural meats are the first ingredients
  • Made with whole fruits and veggies
  • Perfect size as a training reward
  • No artificial colors or flavors

Our Company mandate is to formulate and produce local natural fresh 100% Canadian products that are the ultimate and healthiest…as nature intended. 

We invite you to feed and use our True Raw Choice product lines which consist of Dehydrated Treats, Healthy Chews, Frozen Raw Pet Food and Natural Supplements to your companion and see for yourself the positive change of health by using the purest natural local raw ingredients as nature intended. We use only fresh local certified human grade ingredients in all our True Raw Choice products.

Nutro Crunchy Treats

Has your dog tasted NUTRO® Crunchy Treats With Real Mixed Berries? They’re delicious, natural dog treats. Perfect for training dogs, our natural dog treats have the flavor of real blueberries, cranberries and cherries. They contain no wheat or corn. So, you can feel good giving your dog this special snack.

  • No Wheat, No Corn
    Made with healthy whole grains, such as whole brown rice and oatmeal.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
    We never include artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Real Berries
    Your dog will enjoy the delicious flavor of real blueberries, cranberries and cherries.

Our low-calorie dog treats (only 3 calories each) are healthy and made in the USA with natural ingredients. The special baking process we use makes our treats light, crunchy, low in calories and "pocket perfect".

Inspired by our own pets and made especially for them. Zuke’s treats are healthy, natural, and nutritious.

We believe dogs and cats deserve the only the best, so our treats are Made in the USA with wholesome, whole-food ingredients.

Healthy is what you expect, and it's the only way we know.

Natural Balance L.I.T. Limited IngredientTreats Jerky Bark has high quality nutrition packed in every bar. These delicious treats, like our Duck & Potato Formula, are an irresistible snack your dog.

Help honor service dogs, for each special limited edition package sold at Petco stores only, the proceeds will help build the first National Monument for Military Working Dogs and their Handlers to forever honor their service and sacrifices saving American lives since WWII.

Barnsdale Farms Chicken Jerky 

These Eurocan Barnsdale Farms Chicken Jerky treats are 100% real chicken and 100% Canadian! They are excellent treats that any dog will love and with only one ingredient, you don't have to worry about feeding your pets anything you wouldn't want to feed yourself. These treats taste great and will help keep your dogs teeth clean! All of the chicken used in these treats has been tested and certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to provide the best quality out there!

Sojos makes all-natural dog treats that are baked to perfection in the USA using human-quality sourced ingredients. All our treats are wheat and corn-free, healthy, tasty and affordable. 

Simpler Times. Simpler Ingredients. Simply the Best.

The bygone days of catching fireflies, riding bikes, and being home by dark may be behind us, but the memories and feelings are still very much alive. These were simpler times, when meals were made with love, patience, and wholesome ingredients fresh from the garden. Wag More Bark Less dog treats were created to reflect the straightforward goodness of this era, with all natural, simple ingredients and no wheat.

  • 100% wheat free
  • Made with all natural premium ingredients
  • Great for all dogs, even those with wheat sensitivities
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Free of corn & soy
  • Made in USA
  • Four delicious homestyle recipes
  • Available in 16 oz. boxes

SPORTMiX® biscuits are a great way to reward your dog while providing a delicious supplement to his diet. Formulated to supplement SPORTMiX® dog food, SPORTMiX® biscuits are naturally preserved and oven-baked with the highest quality ingredients. From the 5 inch Jumbo to the 1 inch Puppy Treat, there is a perfect biscuit for every dog.